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 SECB continues with its achievements in its fourth year

Created18/12/1438 12:03 ص



Friday, September 8, 2017, marks four years since the launching of the Saudi Exhibition and convention Bureau (SECB), which was established by the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 246. SECB was created with the intention of developing and organizing the Saudi meeting industry. Supervising the Bureau is a committee chaired by His Highness the President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, and membered by representatives of the Ministries of Commerce and Investment, Interior, Municipal and Rural Affairs, Finance, in addition to two members from the Saudi meeting industry.

Tariq Al-Issa, the CEO of SECB, told the Saudi Press Agency that the Bureau achieved a series of achievements in its fourth year by following international best practices, with the direct support of its supervisory committee and its public and private partners, and the efforts of its employees. He pointed out that these achievements are a catalyst for the growth of this industry, which is a major  contributor to the growth of the national economy.

Al-Issa explained that one of the most important achievements of SECB in its fourth year is its self-sufficiency in terms of funding for its operational activities,  through the financial services provided to investors. Another contributing factor is the development of regulations and procedures for the establishment of events that contributed to an increase in the number of registered members on its website ( which offers Licensing services for alost all types of business events), bringing the total number  to (3185): including private sector institutions in all economic sectors, exhibitions and conferences organizers, chambers of commerce and industry, Saudi associations, hotels, and conference and exhibition centers. This resulted in an increase in the number of licensed business events in the Kingdom by 12%, if compared to numbers from SECB's third year, to reach 9384 licensed events.

He also affirmed that SECB  will continue to facilitate establishing business events  in various economic sectors, for the private sector, through a series of activities aimed at developing human resources in the Saudi meeting industry, by stimulating investment to create new facilities for exhibitions and conferences, and by cooperating with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Comerce and Investment, The Ministry of Labor and Social Development, The Ministry of Education, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, the General Authority of Civil Aviation, the Saudi Council of Engineers, and concerned international institutions speialized in the meeting industry.

SECB also carried out a number of workshops to develop new business events, as well as market the Kingdom as a global destination for business events, through its first participation at the Emex exhibition in Frankfurt on 16-18 May 2017 with a 200 square meter pavilion to compete with 150 countries for conferences and meetings.

SECB's strategic vision is to be a pioneer in the development of the Saudi meeting industry, enabling it to become more effective and productive through the implementation of its strategic plan for the years 2014-2018, which is based on eight points, and  23 strategic goals which will be achieved through 90  initiatives: (that include a number of development projects). At the end of its fourth year, SECB has completed 69% of its initiatives