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 Saudi Exhibition & Convention Bureau: (165) Consumer Goods Exhibitions, an Increase of (22%) Compared to 2016

Created06/02/1439 11:45 ص



The Saudi Exhibition & Convention Bureau (SECB) issued a report that revealed its activities in the licensing and inspection of consumer goods exhibitions. The report states that the SECB received (269) application for consumer goods exhibitions in the 1st quarter of 2017, (165) were issued with an increase of about (22%) compared to the same period of 2016. These licensed exhibitions received (3470800) visitor. The report point out that (143) were organized in specialized permanent venues at exhibition centers, hotels, shopping malls and banquet halls; and (22) were organized in temporary venues. In the 1st quarter of 2017, (52%) of these licensed exhibitions were held in Riyadh Province, (16%) in Makkah Province, (22%) in the Eastern Province and (10%) all over the Kingdom.

During this period the SECB organized 3 exploratory workshops, introducing the policies and procedures for organizing consumer goods exhibitions; held (157) meetings with relative investors and provided them with technical support. Moreover the Bureau made (108) inspection visits to these exhibition in coordination with local municipalities, the Ministry of Commerce & Investment, the Ministry of Labor & Social Development and the General Directorate of Civil Defense. The Bureau suspended (10) unlicensed exhibitions, issued (38) warnings and penalties as per adopted rules and regulations based on irregularities monitored in the field. The penalties varies from written notices to signing pledges and suspension of the institution's activity for three months. The violations included selling counterfeit goods and goods that are not in compliance with the Saudi standards, exhibitors with no license or commercial register, expatriates working in the exhibition without legal documents, not adhering to the adopted standards and specifications for consumer goods exhibitions, promoting and publicizing the exhibition without receiving the required licenses from the SECB.

The SECB has urged investors to cooperate and obtain the required licenses as per the procedures and policies approved since 29/5/1436.  These policies and procedures were set up to increase the quality of such exhibitions, maximize economic benefits and controlling negative impacts. The process for receiving such licenses has been facilitated and it is easily accessible through the official SECB website (

The policies identifies the consumer goods exhibition as a business activity organized by companies and organizations which licensed to organize such events, with the goals of facilitating communication between venders and buyers.  Such exhibitions shall be opened for public and direct selling is permitted. The licensing policies included but not limited to the following: the organizing company or organizations shall be licensed, the license application shall be submitted (90) days prior to the exhibition date, the exhibition period shall not exceed (30) days, the exhibition shall be organized in licensed venues at exhibition centers, hotels, shopping malls and banquet halls. For cities and governorates with no specialized exhibition halls, temporary venues are accepted provided that adhered to all standards and Civil Defense requirements.  Participants in consumer goods exhibitions shall be limited to factories and distributing agencies in Saudi Arabia and Gulf region, commercial stores in Saudi Arabia with active commercial registers. Also (5%) of the exhibition floor shall be designated for Saudi craftsmen and women.