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In accordance with Royal Decree No. (A/154), the Saudi Conventions & Exhibitions General Authority was founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Rabi' Al-Akhir 20, 1440 AH, December 28, 2018.
SCEGA aims to develop the exhibitions and conventions sector with all its elements, components, capabilities, organization, development, to work to enhance its role in the national economy, increase its effectiveness, and overcome obstacles to its growth, in accordance with international best practices. 

The Authority may carry out, but is not limited to, the following includes

1.Setting plans, policies and programs related to the exhibitions and conventions sector.
2.Issuing the necessary approvals to the government agencies for holding the exhibitions and conventions.
3.Issuing the necessary licenses to non-governmental entities for holding exhibitions and conventions.
4.Control all activities that fall within the exhibitions and conventions sector.
5.Coordinating with the relevant authorities in relation to encouraging investment in the exhibitions and conventions sector and providing incentives and related information.
6.Working to bring the Kingdom out as an attractive destination for exhibitions and conventions, in coordination with the relevant authorities.
7.Qualifying the national cadres in the field of exhibitions and conventions, in addition to training and developing them.
8.Working to attract international exhibitions and conventions, developing and supporting local exhibitions and conventions, and creating exhibitions and conventions that reflect the Kingdom's identity.
9.Providing technical support to government agencies when holding exhibitions and conventions outside the Kingdom.
10.Cooperating with government agencies and similar entities in other countries and participating in international organizations and associations in relation to its competencies, in accordance with the regular procedures.
11.Representing the Kingdom in international assemblies related to its competencies.
12.Preparing studies and research related to the exhibitions and conventions sector.