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The purpose of the service level agreement

Determining the duration of all services provided by the SECB and clarifying to the beneficiaries in addition to determining the method of escalation in case of not completing the service on time

 Providing communication channel

The Portal Administration is committed to interact and respond to the inquiries received through (We Hear You) page.

 Service working hours

During official working hours (Sunday - Thursday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)

 Escalation procedure

If the requested service not copleted within the time limit specified in the schedule below, the applicant can escalate by clicking on Apply Now.

Apply Now

 the application will be forwarded to the person in charge.

# Service Response Time
1 Registration Instantaneous (Direct)
2 Updating user profile 4 working hours
3 Consumer Goods Exhibitions 7 working days
5 Trade Fair Exhibition 7 working days
4 Product ‎Introduction Exhibitions 7 working days
6 Charity Exhibition 7 working days
7 Conference\Forum\Symposium 7 working days
8 Convention 7 working days
9 Training ‎Course\Workshop\Meeting 5 working days
10 Lectures 7 working days
11 Edit an event 24 working hours - 5 working days
12 Cancel an event 24 working hours
13 Visa authentication service 48 working hours
14 Speakers approval 7 working days