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In a world that creates new tools for communication every day, opportunities and challenges multiply. The "exhibitions and conferences" industry is emerging to open horizons for us to achieve our position in that world.

In the Kingdom, we believe in our ability to achieve exceptional leadership through the development of the "exhibitions and conferences" industry, relying on a rational vision that inspires us and unique ingredients that support us; From a strategic location in the middle of the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, a leadership position in the Islamic world, and a great economic power in the Middle East and the world, in addition to the cultural and geographical diversity, and the distinct demographic composition.

All are factors that qualify the Kingdom to be a leading global destination by developing the exhibitions and conferences sector, organizing it, enhancing its economic role, and overcoming obstacles to its growth with the best international practices.

Here comes the role of the authority to work on highlighting the Kingdom as an attractive destination for exhibitions and conferences, in coordination with the concerned authorities, developing national cadres, attracting international events, developing local exhibitions and conferences, creating events that reflect the Kingdom’s identity, providing technical support to government agencies in their international forums, and cooperating with government agencies And similar bodies in other countries, participating in international organizations and associations regarding their competencies, in accordance with the statutory procedures, preparing specialized research, and setting plans and controls necessary to motivate the regulators and the owners.

With support, empowerment, and coordination among the concerned authorities, we will play our role as makers of a new world for business in organizing forums locally and globally, to connect the world with endless opportunities in the Kingdom.

The General Authority for Conventins &Exhibitions
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Tayseer Al-Mallah