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In order to achieve its objectives, SECB specializes in the following:

- Developing general policies to advance Saudi meeting industry, as well as necessary implementation plans and supervise their execution with SECB stakeholders, as per jurisdiction.

- Set standards, conditions and controls for venues, organizers and suppliers of business events, in collaboration with SECB partners.

- Work with SECB stakeholders to create an organizational and procedural environment to stimulate meeting industry.

- Issue and supervise licenses for the organizing and holding of business events within Saudi, in collaboration with SECB stakeholders.

- Licensing and supervision of venues specified for business events, such as independent centers, hotel conference halls and the like, in coordination with SECB stakeholders.

- Classification, qualification, supervision and monitoring of institutions and companies, working in meeting industry.

- Work on the rehabilitation and development of the workforce for meeting industry and related business. Prepare professional standards, training and rehabilitation packages and programs for industry professions, in partnership with universities, institutes and training centers.

- Promote Saudi as a suitable destination for business events, working on forming alliances, attracting foreign investments and bringing international events to Saudi Arabia.

- Support major business events in main cities. Encourage specialized events all across Saudi Arabia, and work to raise their quality.

- Contribute to support the establishment of major venues for business events in key Saud cities, develop and operate existing venues, in cooperation with the private sector and international specialized companies.

- Provide consultation, research, statistics and necessary information for investors and beneficiaries of meeting industry.

- Prepare studies and researches to develop the meeting industry, and measuring the resulting economic impact of this industry and its contribution to GDP.

- Cooperate with regional and international organizations, federations and agencies concerned with business events to achieve SECB objectives.