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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confirmed its commitment to develop meeting industry, realizing its importance in supporting the economic diversification process and not only relying on oil production and exportation. Therefore, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) has taken a number of initiatives to develop the tourism sector, including meetings industry. Hence, the Council of Ministers issued resolution number (246) on the 17th of Rajab 1434H, changing the Standing Committee for Exhibitions and Conferences –created by the Royal Decree (7863 / MB)- into a national program titled "Saudi Exhibition & Convention Bureau (SECB)".

SECB aims at developing and organizing the meeting industry in the Kingdom, working towards its improvement and efficiency, and drawing necessary plans to achieve its objectives, tasks and needs. Moreover, the SECB is also working on overcoming the obstacles facing the growth and development of the meeting industry; such as lack of clarity in regulations and procedures, diversity of references, deficiency in specialized national competencies, lack of high-quality venues, lengthy and complicated licensing procedures, limited information and data. The resolution included the formation of a supervisory committee headed by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud the SCTH President, head of supervisory committee and the membership of a number of public and private entities; this is provided that the duration is five years.

SECB Vision

To be pioneers in developing the Saudi meeting industry, creating a more efficient and productive industry.  

SECB Mission

Adopting best practices in monitoring the Saudi meetings industry and promoting internal and external environments to achieve its economic, cultural, social, ecological and political objectives.

SECB Objectives

The SECB seeks to achieve numerous objectives, including:

  • Developing and adapting current regulations to promote investments in the Saudi meeting industry.
  • Developing centers and cities for business events to enhance the Kingdom's ability to host large and high-quality events.
  • Increasing service standards in the Saudi meeting industry to improve the quality of business events.
  • Supplying investors and beneficiaries with valuable information, and measuring the economic impact of the Saudi meeting industry and its contribution to GDP.
  • Creating job opportunities and developing national human resources to become a key source of support in the Saudi meeting industry.
  • Attracting distinguished business events, contributing to the development of the economic and service sectors in the Kingdom and highlighting its position on the national and international level.

SECB Core Values

SECB officials seek dedication in developing the Saudi meeting industry through adopting several core values as follows:

                                                               Core Values.png