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Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH), since its inception has passed through several stages before getting its current structure and become the first ever government agency responsible for the tourism sector in the Kingdom.

Saudi Council of Ministers on 12/1/1421H (16/04/2000), issued, Resolution No. (9) For the establishment of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) with an emphasis that tourism is one of the productive sectors that can retain the Saudi tourists within the country, at the same time increasing investment opportunities, developing human resources, and expanding and creating new job opportunities for the Saudi nationals. 

Subsequently, due to the importance of the National Heritage as it is the component of the major elements of tourism in any country in the world, another Resolution No. (78) dated 16/3/1429 H ( 24/3/2008 ) by the Council of Ministers was issued to integrate the National Heritage and Museums sector into the Supreme Commission for Tourism (SCT), with this SCT became a body responsible for the implementation of the related tasks, in addition to its original responsibility on tourism. 


From the outset, the main objective of the establishment of SCTH has been to take care of the tourism sector in the Kingdom along the lines of organization, development, and promotion of the sector

SCTH also works to enhance the role of tourism sector through overcoming any obstacles that may prevent its development, in view of the Kingdom's huge tourism potential. SCTH's efforts include preservation, development, and maintenance of the National Heritage and promoting the contribution of antiquity in the cultural and economic development of the citizens.

SCTH envisages the role of tourism sector to be in line with the prestige and position of the Kingdom as well as its role in the whole of human civilization, and its existent impact on the international community.

Vision and Mission

Saudi Arabia's vision of tourism sector  depend  on its ethical, social, and civilizational dimensions in the first place, followed by its economic dimension and the regional and international role and interaction with the values of other communities. The Saudi society in all its segments and sectors is the first participant in the formulation of these premises that emit this vision. After that the tasks which will depend on in a comprehensive framework for the implementation of the policies and the principles of sustainability and economic viability, taking into account the social, cultural, environmental realities and the authentic Islamic values and heritage and the traditional hospitality that is characteristic of the Kingdom

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